Celebrity with High Blood Pressure – They Are Human After all

High blood pressure is a serious medical condition that is on the rise globally. It is a condition that can lead to a myriad of health challenges including hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, and stroke and kidney failure. One thing that is for sure is that it can affect anyone if care is not taken, as chronic stress is known to be a causative factor, as well as poor eating habits like the regular consumption of highly salted refined and processed foods such as, junk food.

It is no wonder that despite their wealth and fame, you can always get to see a celebrity with high blood pressure from every single entertainment industry, as they all seem to have one thing in common, and that is they are all prone to having high blood pressure. It is probably due to their tight work schedule that can place tremendous strain on both their physical and mental health, as well as force them to eat unhealthy food as they are always on the move.

Toni Braxton

According to elitecelebsmag, a known celebrity with high blood pressure is the “Unbreak My Heart”, multi-platinum and Grammy award singer – Toni Braxton. Her high blood pressure had caused her to add a lot of weight and her blood pressure (BP) was 160/105, however since she was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension, she has been placed on medication to help regulate, control her blood pressure (BP) and lower it to a normal range.

Managing Stress

For a celebrity with high blood pressure, this is probably the most important aspect of regulating their BP. Stress is a major factor responsible for increased blood pressure and stress can be caused by physical strain, mental fatigue, and psychological pressure.

Celebrities are constantly put through one grueling schedule after another; appointment with a sponsor, endorsement company, advertising agency, rigorous exercise routine, hair and makeup stylist; to mention a few of the activities celebrities are put through.

They never seem to have enough time to sleep or sufficient time for themselves; they are constantly surrounded by an entourage and never left alone for a minute. This can make them to suffer from physical stress and have mental issues like depression, usually leading them to be dependent on a recreational or illicit drug just to get by.

One way a celebrity with high blood pressure can manage stress without resorting to the use of hard drugs or prescription medication is to get adequate sleep. By getting 8 hours of sleep daily, celebrities can relieve themselves of stress and have their body rejuvenated from the rigors of day-to-day activity.

No matter how tight a celebrity schedule may be, it is always advisable that they find time to relax and get some well deserved rest and sleep.

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Suitable Hairstyles for Girls With Long Hair

Are you looking for new and exciting hairstyles for your girls with long hair? Are you tired of the normal boring ponytail? Did I hear you answer yes to those questions? If that is the case I would be highlighting a few hairstyles for girls with long hair in this post. Let’s start with the Lace braid.

Lace Braid Hairstyles for Girls

– Begin by picking a piece of your hair from the side of the head. divide into three parts and cross the lower strand of hair over the middle strand.

– Cross the upper strand over the middle strand, just as you would braid a three strand braid. To start the lace braiding, add hair to the upper strand every time you cross the upper hair strand over the middle strand and make sure you don’t add hair to the lower strand so as to achieve the lace braid.

– Continue this braiding diagonally to the other side of the head. When you get to the other side of the head, turn the braid around and start to braid backwards to the opposite direction.

– Now you can start adding hair from underneath whenever you inter-weave the lower strand above the strand in the middle. Continue braiding till you get to the other side and when there is no more hair to add you can braid a three strand braid with the remaining hair left.

– Secure with an elastic hair band and pull on the braid a bit, then grab the end of the braid and place it between the two braids. Use bobby pins to secure the braids.

Sophisticated French Fishtail Hairstyles for Girls

– From the front of your hair, take two strands of hair on either side. Grab a small piece of hair from one of the strands and cross it to the other side by joining it with the other strand of hair.

– To start the French braiding part, take a piece of hair from the first strand and add some hair from the side. Then cross them both over each other to the other side and join them with the other strand.

– Do the same on the other side of your head as above and continue like this till you get to the nape of the neck. Pack all the hair and secure with headband. Explore 75 unique hairstyles here: Be trendsetter

Rope Braid Bun Hairstyles for Girls

– Start by combing the hair upwards towards the crown, creating a ponytail and secure with a ponytail holder or elastic band.

– Divide the hair into two sections; left and right. Grab the hair on the right section and gently twist to the right, repeat the gentle twisting for the hair on the left hand side.

– Take the hair on the right hand section up and move it over to the left hand side, while moving the hair on the left to the right side. Now take the hair on the right section and twist to the right and take it up and over the hair on the left section.

– Continue this procedure until there is no hair left and secure the ends with an elastic band. Grab the rope braid and twist it around the ponytail in the middle of the head, and secure with a bobby pin and elastic band. You can use a medium hold hairspray to finish it.

Best Things to Do in Jakarta With Kids

It has been the questionable debate that which are the areas in the part of the world that can be traveled and spend time for leisure and tour. And in other words, the cost of traveling and the accommodation is often the problem for many of the travelers.

Things to Do in Jakarta With Kids

This article will tell 12 things to do in Jakarta with kids where it is now it most popular area for travelers and tourist and highlight the special areas that are to be most popular and must see.

1. Restaurants

You can try out the different restaurants located in the city of Jakarta where there are different traditional Indonesian foods. This has been fascinating for most of the travelers.

2. Shopping malls in Jakarta

Jakarta Shopping mall

There are a number of Shopping malls and markets that sell a different kind of items you will find such as the souvenirs and the designer clothes. Mostly they are available in Plaza Indonesia FX Mall, Blok M.

3. Art Gallery

Jakarta has the number of National Art Gallery that has different portraits and the art sculpture, paintings that you can visit and see.

4. Monuments

Jakarta has the number of Monument and antiquities dated back in the 19th century. There is one of the most famous monument towers stands in Merdeke Square. It symbolizes the fight for Indonesia long time ago.

5. Museums

There is one of the most famous Museums that is called “museum nasional” which means National Museum in the Indonesian Language. There you will find the different archeological, historical things and artifacts.

6. Beaches

Jakarta has a number of resorts and the beaches are the most visited and traveled places for many tourists. There is one famous beach that is called “Ancol Beach“. It is known for the white sand beach. Critics are there that it is not free to enter inside the beach; you need to pay the entrance fees.

Ancol Beach, Jakarta

Ancol Beach, Jakarta

7. Amusement Parks

The Capital city of Indonesia has the number of tourist attractions, especially the fascinating amusement Parks. There is famous amusement Park is called “Dufan” or it is called “Dunia Fantasi”  which has been the great place for the tourist around the world with number of exciting rides.

8. Religious place

There is one of the most famous destinations that are Istiqlal Mosque and the Catholic cathedral. Both these structures are located at one place and you can visit at same time.

9. Nightlife

There are other places for who suffer from insomnia or even who want to party at night, they are places such as bars, café, and late night restaurants in Kamang and Ecobar.

10. Massage Parlor

For the relaxation moment and peace of mind, there are some spas and massage parlor located in the middle of Jakarta. There you will experience traditional Indonesian massages. Prices vary from affordable to luxuries.

11. Cycling

Cycling is a great sport and also the best tool for traveling around in Jakarta, here not only you cycle around the fields of Jakarta, you could also rent out a bicycle and travel through the rice field.

12. Interaction with locals

In the city of Jakarta, you can also interact with the Indonesian people and ask for any guidance. The locals are friendly and they are often happy to meet you and help you out.

Plastic surgery trends in Korea

Unlike what many people believe that plastic surgery is mainly for people in the United States America and other parts of Europe, there are many other countries in which the statistics are equally high. South Korea is one such country. There are many people opting for plastic surgery in the Asiatic country to enhance their appearance by targeting different body features. It is said that about 20% of women aged between 20 and 49 years have gone for plastic surgery procedures in the country. Still, Brazil and the US lead in plastic surgery statistics.


Aside from the Koreans themselves, Seoul has become a major plastic surgery hotspot where many people from other countries flock to get their bodies enhanced. People from neighbouring countries like China have plastic surgeries done in the country because of the resources available there. Seoul has even earned the tag “the plastic surgery capital” because of the acceptance of these medical procedures. While the US has more people going under the knife than any other country, Korea with a population slightly less than 50 million has a larger percentage of its people getting their appearances enhanced; sometimes unsuccessfully.

What is most worthy of note is the fact that many Koreans wish to have plastic surgeries so that they attain a Westernized appearance. Just like people of Asian descent living in America, those in Korea more often than not wish to have work done on their eyes, noses and jaws to enable look a bit more Caucasian. The celebrity Jang Geun Suk of Asiatic origin had rhinoplasty done on him. While he continually denies it, there is evidence of his nose being more refined that it is remembered to have been. In Korea, there are a dozen such surgeries performed each day. Whereas people in the USA still perceive plastic surgery as somewhat of a taboo and deny these procedures being carried out on them, in Korea the situation is different.

Here, people who have had their faces altered under the surgeon’s knife will readily admit to it. Even more unique is the fact that most of the time, it is parents who take their young adults to have their appearances changed!

A typical Korean will usually have a broad nose and small eyes. The rhinoplasty they seek makes the nose slimmer and sharper at the tip which gives the face a more “Western” look. The eyes are also a critical area of attention by the Korean keen on enhancing his features. They will usually pursue an extra fold of flesh on the eyelid as most Caucasians have. The blepharoplasty procedures they undertake opens up their eyes instantly giving them a radiant look if performed successfully.

Sometimes, they even go for jaw jobs. Some Koreans have jawlines which can be described as jutting out. They may opt for plastic surgery to refine this part of their bodies as well.

Just like in any part of the world, Korean plastic surgeries can sometimes go wrong. Even when one uses a lot of money to finance the surgery, there are chances that the results may be less than satisfactory. So, whether you go to the plastic surgery to have your procedure done or opt for a home transformation, there are chances of failure which you must acknowledge.

Top 4 Popular Haircuts for Women

Great hair dos, whether quick prom updos or a complex African American wedding hairstyles, are those that put into consideration factors such as your shape of face, length and volume of hair, and the balance of hair with the rest of the body. Nevertheless, there are many popular and fancy hairstyles that you can always go for that are suitable for all kinds of hair.

The Rachael – It is hands down one of the most popular hairdos that have remained relevant over the years. Jennifer Aniston rocked the look when she debuted on Friends in 1990s as Rachel (thus the name).

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel

It is a layered look with long tresses left around the face. It is suitable for most shapes of the face and for women with thick voluminous hair.

If your hair is curly, you can straighten it to achieve this look or get a version of the look that has curls at the ends. It will work great for as an African American wedding hairstyle or for prom when held up with a pin. The Rachel is a good version of the shag.

The pixie – This is one of the more popular hair styles for women with shorter hair thanks to Meg Ryan who have rocked the look for quite a while. To achieve the look, let the hairstylist cut your hair in layers. For thick hair, the layers should be quite deep and otherwise for thin hair.

Halle berry hairstyles

The good thing with the pixie is that it is low maintenance and can be worn tousled or clean. This makes it suitable for all kinds of hair. Moreover, it suits all types of faces as you can play around with the layers to create a length that works best for you.

The bob cut – Over the years the bob has held its own within the popular hairstyle realms. This can be mainly attributed to the many ways that a bob can be worn; it can be clean and sleek, with a side parting or swept back, or with fringes that cover part of the face. It can also be worn symmetrical where all hair is even or asymmetrical where parts of that hair are longer than others such as the inverted bob cut.

bob haircut

Because of its versatility, the bob is suitable for all shapes of the face. It is also a great hairstyle while transitioning from short to long hair.

Natural curls – This is a daring hairstyle that is great for people with curly hair. If you have thick hair that can be curled, then this look will also work for you. Natural curls are simply left alone after layering, with the tips being cut at different lengths to reduce the hair volume.

Natural Curls

This look needs to comb the hair while it is still wet and spray it with a strong styling spray. For a polished look avoid touching the hair once it dries. This look is suitable for anyone with the curly hair or can create the curly hair required for this.

Whether you are looking for quick prom updos or elegant wedding hairstyles, the most important is to know the type of hair you have and the shape of your face and you will never go wrong.

Jackie Chan to Sing for China’s Winter Olympics Bid!

Jackie ChanIt is official. Beijing is bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. And one popular man is poised to do something great to advance this bid.

Asia’s highest paid actor, Jackie Chan is set to record a song that will be unleashed when the evaluation team of the International Olympics Committee visits the China between March 24 and 28. The song, Wake Up Winter is Chan’s special contribution to his country’s bid to host the winter games having successfully handled the summer Olympics.

If all goes well for China, Beijing will become the first city to host both the summer and winter Olympics. The winning city will be announced in Malaysia in July.

As is to be expected, there is competition in this regard. Beijing is working hard to fend off competition from Kazakhstan. As of the moment, Beijing is considered the favourite to win the bid.

If you can remember clearly, Jackie Chan was instrumental in China’s successful bid at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. He sang the song We Are Ready at the closing ceremony of the event; having recorded it in the duration leading up to the games.

Those who are staunch fans of Jackie Chan’s movies may not be privy to the fact that the celebrated actor is a prolific singer as well! Throughout the world, he is more known for the tens of films that he has been featured in, doing crazy stunts. He started his active singing in the 1980’s; also doing closing credits to his movies. For instance, he sang the theme song for the film The Young Master. He has gone ahead to produce over 20 albums and has over one hundred songs done in about five different languages!

He has also worked with some celebrated musicians; amongst them Anita Mui and AniDiFranco. In 1984, he won the accolade for being The Best Foreign Musician in Japan.

No doubt, Jackie Chan is a multi-talented person and the fact that his stunts in movies have been celebrated the world-over makes his contribution to Beijing’s hosting bid of the winter Olympics quite something. Kazakhstan has its work all cut out for it! At 60 years of age, Chan still has a lot of good things to do for both his country as well as himself.

Chan began his career in entertainment at the age of 5. He gradually rose from playing the role of extras in films to the superstar that he is today.

It is worthy to note as well that Chan has a philanthropic heart. He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He has championed a number of courses such as conservation, disaster relief campaigns after the Chinese floods as well as the high magnitude Indian Ocean tsunami. He has also pledged almost half of all his assets to go to charity should he die.

The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, established in 1988 has also offered scholarships to needy students in Hong Kong and touched many other lives in amazing ways!

Steps to Have a Safe Plastic Surgery

Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure needs to have all the facts at the fingertips. This way, chances of a surgery misfiring are minimized. At the same time, preparations for a successive procedure are put in place and nothing left to chance. Since plastic surgery is no child’s game, it is not a procedure that one undertakes at the backstreet, unless a patient has no regard for their life or health. It is important to have sufficient information before making the ultimate decision to sign for a surgery or part with money.

Here are the Steps to Have a Safe Plastic Surgery:

Safe Plastic Surgery

a) Make an own decision – Every individual is the real expert on their appearance and are better placed to raise any concerns pertaining their looks. It is the prerogative of each individual to ultimately decide in case there is need to alter a given body part or improve it. No one has the authority to decide that a part of an individual’s anatomy needs a procedure unless it is medically significant.

b) Information – Having all the information at the fingertips is the next step towards a safe surgery. All the limitations and risks involved should be laid bare. Some key things to remember are; no surgeon or surgical procedure is 100% perfect or risk free, no implants last forever, plastic surgery is a major operation and pain has to be expected, no results are guaranteed as there is probability of looking different to how one imagined.

c) Know the surgeon well – Although most surgeons have undergone training, talents differ and some have better chances of performing safer surgeries than others. At the same time, there are quacks that obtained certificates through dubious means and may purport to be experienced when they aren’t. It is important to verify the surgeon using the following methods; seeking information regarding surgeons from associations of surgeons’ organizations, getting connected through hospitals since most have strong associations with qualified surgeons, checking out the medical register to find the ones with licenses for performing surgical procedures.

d) The timing has to be right – It is necessary to avoid surgery after life disturbing events like divorce, bereavement, a major illness, having a baby, losing a job, moving house etc unless the circumstances dictate. These kinds of scenarios can prolong the healing period.

e) Location – There is no need for traveling long distances to get a procedure if it can be acquired nearby. In case there are complications, it is difficult to get to the surgeon. Also, after surgery, lots of movement may interfere with healing.

f) Be financially prepared – Finances determine whether one can take the leap or not. Even though the procedure is costly, there are surgeons who do not charge exorbitantly and are competent. Of course many people bear the belief that expensive is always the best, though this is not actually true.

g) Recovery period – For people who need to be at the public glare more often, there is need to opt for surgeries that take shorter recovery time like was the case of Beyonce plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a life changing procedure that must be thought out carefully.